15 Life changing books you must read before you go die


Reading books is really good habit which have so many benefits too. It enhances our knowledge, helps us to improve our vocabulary and many more advantages.

when we start thinking to read books we get stuck at question that

                 which books should we read?

 But,no need to worry. here i am going to tell you:-

15 Life changing books you must read before you go die

 so let’s start.

1.The seasons of  lifeJim rohn

the seasons of life books


  • In this book,Jim show parallel between life and changing seasons.
  • Its’s basically based on the parable of the sower and deeper.
  • It  provides you an ideas of observations to place life,purpose, opportunities and challenge into perspective.

Read in PDF format The seasons of life

2. The power of positive thinking Norman peale
the power of positive thinking books

  • This book is for those who are haunted with living in inferiority and lost faith in themselves.
  • It describes the power of positive thinking is the most important ingredient to live better and blissful life.
  • The main objective of this book is to present a viewpoint to everyone to have a solution of freedom from pain and negativity. 

Read in PDF format The power of positive thinking 

3. Awaken the giant within Anthony robins

awaken giant within books

  • In this book, author includes a step by step plan that will help you to identify which emotions are empowering.
  • It builds an efforts and enter deservedly into the world of happiness and self-satisfaction.
  • The sole purpose of helping people take control of their lives in order to achieve success.

Read in PDF format Awaken the giant within

4.Rich dad poor dad – Robert kiyosaki

rich dad poor dad books 1

  •  It highlights the teachings he got from his poor dad, i.e., empathy and responsibility towards society.
  • This  book provides you two different attitudes towards money, work and life.
  • It also provides impetus on doing work for learning and not for earning and teaches the importance of investing and building business.

 Read in PDF format Rich dad poor dad 

5. The 7 habits of  effective peopleStephen covey 

7 habits of effective people books

  • It aims at providing its readers with the importance of character ethics and personality ethics.
  • In this book, author talks about the values of integrity, courage, a sense of justice and most importantly, honesty.
  • It is an ideal guide to building your personality by altering your habits.

Read in PDF Format  The 7 habits of highly  effective people

6. Think and grow richNapoleon hill

think and grow rich books

  •  It was based on what author learnt in the process from all these people, when asked about how they achieved not just great riches but also personal well being.
  • The book asserts that desire, faith and persistence can propel one to great heights and focus on long-term goals.
  •  This book provides us techniques that can help one get better at doing anything, not just by rich and wealthy, but also by people doing wonderful work in their respective fields.

Read in PDF format Think and grow rich 

 7.How to win friends and influence peopleDale carnegie

win friends books

  •  It gave instruction in handling people, winning friends, bringing people to your way of thinking, being a great leader, and navigating home life successfully.
  • This classic book will turn your relationships around and improve your interactions with everyone in your life.

Read in PDF format How to win friends and influence people

8.The alchemist – Paulo coelcho

alchemist books

  • The story in this book, dazzling in its powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom.
  • The book’s main theme is about finding one’s destiny. According to the New York times , The Alchemist is “more self-help than literature.”
  • The core of the novel is  “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe will conspire so that your wish comes true.”

Read in PDF format The alchemist

9.The richest man in Babylon George clason

babylon books

  • The protagonist of the story is Arkad, who has managed to become Babylon’s richest man. All financial wisdom in the book is dispensed through his narration.
  •  This book Conveys some important facts of financial health, the story moves on to state how one can get the benevolence of the Goddess of Luck.
  •  It also tells the readers how money can slip away if one doesn’t pay attention.

Read in PDF format The richest man in Babylon

10.The monk who sold his Ferrari Robin Sharma

monk books

  • The book introduces readers to enlightening yet simple principles that vouch to make life better, happier and more meaningful.
  • In the book, the reader goes through a spiritual journey and into a very old culture that has gathered much wisdom over the millennia.
  • The book advocates us how to live happily, think deep and rightly, value time and relationships and live every moment of the life.

Read in PDF format The monk who sold his Ferrari

11. 15 Invaluable laws of growth  John Maxwell

laws books

  • In this book, author teaches you everything he has gleaned about what is to realize to your potential
  • The another motive of this book is convey readers that”You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself.  Don’t compare yourself to others and limit your own self talk that is negative”
  •  It is  a great playbook on how to be intentional about your own personal growth.

Read in PDF format 15 invaluable laws of growth 

12. Outliers Malcolm gladwell

  • In this book, author shared a common  pattern in all the success stories of the world that he find after extensive research and many interviews.
  • He author talks about the “10-000 hour rule”, where he claims that to be successful and excellent at any skill, you need a practice of 10-000 hours.
  •  This book makes a point in front of the readers that no one in this world can succeed alone. Everyone needs factors and support of people going in their direction although it might not be evident at times. 

Read in PDF format  Outliers

13. The 48 laws  of power Robert greene

power books

  •  The 48 laws are illustrated through the tactics, triumphs and failures of great figures from the past who have wielded.
  •  These laws are definitive manual for anyone interested in gaining, observing, or defending against ultimate control.
  •  It’s for people who aspire to achieve power or maintain their current power status.

Read in PDF format The 48 laws of power

14.The 4-hour workweek Tim ferriss

the 4 hour workweek 1 books

  • This book negates and challenges the old-age concept of retirement and subsequent relaxation or travel.
  •  This book is a perfect guide to living such a life balancing both work and leisure.
  • It will give you an advice on how to deal with a long-term career and convert it into short-work schedules alongside frequent little-retirements.

Read in PDF format The 4 hour workweek

15.The power of now – Eckhart tolle

  • The book also describes methods of relaxation and meditation to aid readers in anchoring themselves in the present.
  • The author writes that an individual should be aware of their “present moment” instead of losing themselves in worry and anxiety about the past or future.
  •  Its core message is that people’s emotional problems are rooted in their identification with their minds.

Read in PDF format The power of now

So, if you want a change in your life then read these books. believe me these things books are surely going to change your life.

Must read theses books!

 I had given my best to tell you about the description of all books. I hope you liked this article and if you then please share this articles with your friends  and for any suggestions comment below.

Thank you 🙂

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