What is your aspiration in life?

For some aspiration is just a word but for some its more than a word, its a thing to which they live there life. In simple word ASPIRATION is a hope or ambition of achieving something. Some people want to live there life without any interference of others but there are people who want to life there for others.

Aspiration differ from person to person. There are people who dream of getting food for there family so that they don’t sleep hungry, but there are people who dream to NOT to eat anything so that they can maintain there physique. The more the people aspire about something the more they gain the strength/the power to achieve it. It doesn’t matter that the dream is big or small, the only thing matters that you are having a dream. The one who has the power to achieve his or her goals can not beaten in the race of life.
As i mentioned above about not having a dream is basically a way of living. There are people who don’t dream about having anything. In there opinion they have everything its more about living the life of a Monk . A monk (in other words saint) is the one who does not have a desire to achieve anything they mainly think that they do not need anything from life they just want to live there life without any thoughts. In some situation they may be found as not in the form of saint/monk they are the rich people who doesn’t have the desire to achieve anything they just know that they have the money, so whatever they want to achieve or they dreamed will be fulfilled by the money power. The people who have the desire about any thing to achieve can sustain there living for a long time as they know how to cope up with every situation that the face in there way of living but the once who don’t have the desire to achieve something don’t know the value of dream.
Its important to have a dream rather than having money, as it gives you the hope of sustainability to live your life to the fullest.

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