Rags to riches: Life story of Dhirubhai ambani | The polyester prince

when we came forward with the word AMBANI we always think about their riches they enjoy without taking a trouble to know the journey of the real man behind it whose hard work wrote his name in golden letters in the books of Indian history.

Yes,the  polyester prince,great industrialist and the business tycoon that is admired by every Indian.

              Mr.Dhirubhai ambani 

Here i m going to share the rags to riches story of Mr.dhirubhai ambani. it’s not only the  journey of his life it’s journey of his DETERMINATION and HARD WORK towards to achieve his dreams.

I hope  you are very excited to know the  journey of this great man so let’s disclose the journey he had done to achieve his dreams.

Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani well-known as Dhirubhai Ambani was born on 28th December,1932 at Choward, a small village in Gujarat  to Hirachand Govardhanbhai ambani,a school teacher and Jamnaben in a middle class family.he was second son of school teacher and the third of five siblings,three brothers and two sisters.

Since CHILDHOOD,Dhirubhai ambani was enough mature by his thoughts. as his father was school teacher who really struggles to meet the needs of the family. so by  seeing his family condition since, that’s why he is very eager to earn money and he  used to gives more focus on earning rather than learning that’s why he didn’t done his schooling properly.

His entrepreneurial career BEGAN, by selling “bhajias” in village fairs during his school weekends.he always believes in dreaming and says to his mother that he would make “heaps of money one day” later in future he did. he used to say that:-

 He never attended college,at age of 16 he went to Yemen and get a work opportunity to work as a dispatch clerk  in A.besses & co. an oil refinery company due to his hard work he get promoted and became manager at refinery port, but still he was unable to pursue his dreams of entrepreneurship 

In 1958, he came back to India and set up reliance commercial in  partnership with chamapak damani. his office was only of 350 sq ft with one telephone and only three chairs.at that time he used to live in 2 bedroom apartment with his wife and two kids. but in 1965. they had ended their partnership because of both have different way of conducting business. Ambani started his own business. as he is well known for his risk taking and  he never get afraid of  risk taking so he entered in textile business named “vimal”  it was his determination and perfection he get huge success in it.

In 1977, this was the biggest turning point of his life that he grab 58,000 investors for reliance  commercial corporation in the first IPO. his power of handling stakeholders and fulfilling their expectations led him to build the empire of $64 BILLIONS.his both the sons Mukesh ambani and Anil ambani became his support system to carry out his business effectively and efficiently.

                                                                                                                             (In left Mukesh ambani and in right  Anil ambani are standing)

Yes, from selling bhajia in fairs from building   an empire of $64 billions, a real rags to riches story.  by his determination and the ability to make opportunities Dhirubhai ambani set up textile and petrochemicals empire. we should adopt his never giving up and fear free risk taking  attitude. 

                                                                                                                        (28th Dec,1932 – 2nd July,2002) 

At 2nd July,2002 that great man left us, but his life story and way of thinking will always inspire thousands of people.

                                             (kokliaben ,wife of Dhirubhai ambani receiving  padma bhushan  on behalf of him by former president of India)

Later after,he get awarded by padma bhushan award for his milestone achievements which gave an new face to Indian economy.